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Wow, where to begin on this topic. I saw that not many have responded with remedies so I thought it worth donating my two cents. If nothing else I hope that it kindles the discussion on this since so many women have and will be experiencing this out of the baby boomer generation.
I, like a lot of other people rushed into combating menopause when the hot flashes and night sweats began. It may interest you to know that in many cases these get worse as you get older. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I, at first, researched Black Cohosh and began taking the recommended dosage. However, when monitoring my blood count during my physicals my liver enzyme was up and I am pretty sure this was the culprit. It also causes adverse side affects like weak legs. And, as mentioned earlier, it is not the fav for prolonged care.
Then I began a regimen of a variety of different vitamins. There were so many I had to take them spread over several times a day. Not only is this hard for me but it was also expensive. At the same time I discovered that most, if not all, the pills I was taking were blood thinners. I was not fond of thinning my blood so I started eliminating them one by one until the symptoms re-occurred. At that time I re-introduced them one at a time until the symptoms subsided. This made sense to me as it left room to increase dosages as I get older instead of taking the maximum now when not needed, thereby making it less effective when it is. I also decided to make my weekends “pill free”. Here again it leaves room for growth and, until I have to, I am not overwhelmed with taking a lot of pills. I recommend this for every woman out there. It will take a little time getting the dose right but ultimately you are in control!
Currently, and for the last year, I have been taking the following – experiencing NO hot flashes, sleepless nights, night sweats, or other unwelcomed symptoms. Some of these doses are less than the recommended dose on the bottle – but still effective.
2 tabs Glucosamine/Chondroitin Advanced Triple Strength – I have very bad knees and this is a god send! You can get away with the less expensive but over time as the joints worsen you will need this. It is expensive but I get it when it is on sale.
1 tab Tummeric – this helps absorb the Glucosamine. It also has fringe benefits concerning cancer prevention, among other things.
2 tabs Calcium with Vitamin D (2 = 1200 mg) – The vitamin D comes in handy if you are not able to get the sun you need. Having a Vitamin D deficiency is very unpleasant.
1 tab Evening Primrose Oil
1 tab multi vitamin of choice
1 tab Korean Ginseng (highest mg I can find and afford)
1 tab of an Estroven-ish supplement. I take the store brand as it is better afforded. When attempting to eliminate this pill night sweats re-occurred as well as the hot flashes and were unbearable. It’s the losing sleep that makes you crazy!
1 tab Gingko Biloba - (highest mg I can find and afford) – this is to aid my memory (another side effect) you will not see the advantages of this until you quit taking it. Then it will feel like your thoughts are scattered and out of control.
There is my remedy for menopausal symptoms. I hope that, should you attempt it, it works as well for you as it does for me. They are still potentially blood thinners but at least it is in moderation compared to what I was taking before. I also drink a smoothie every morning with yogurt, flax seed, and several of my fruit cravings for that day. More times than not, I incorporate Pomogranit and Cranberry. An apple and banana a day doesn’t hurt either.
Life is good! And the number one reason? I am strong in my faith. Peace comes from God and within. I am diligent in my relationship with him. I CANNOT FAIL AND IT COMES FROM NOTHING I CAN CONTRIBUTE.

Best wishes to all, and peace.

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Hello ! Thank you so much for the advice & I will be trying this as soon as a check with my doctor as I have a lot of health problems , I am 34 years old and had to have a total hysterectomy at the age of 23 . My hot flashes are not as bad now but I do still get the from time to time ( maybe once a day or less ) I will let you know how it worked for me . My main thing is being unable to sleep . Keep your positive outlook & faith & I know from my own experience that it works wonders ! Ty back in a while to post again & tell you how everything is going . God Bless You ! Amen !


So all of these are not for getting rid of hot flashes? Just the Estroven thing? I just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer & the hot flashes & night sweats keep me up so much I barely have energy. I'm only 34! I can't take Estroven or Black Cohosh because these are forms of estrogen which I have to avoid or I can get breast cancer again, among others. In your testing did any of these non-estrogen things work on hot flashes or night sweats? Thanks.

Kum Jones

Take two pills of Femestra ( daily. It helps alleviate menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats.


A friend told me about a supplement she used from an online health company. It is called Estro-Rythm and combines a cream to rub in and a tablet to take. She lost all of her night sweats and hot flashes. Not a lady but Thought I would mention it. I believe she got it from a friend of mine


Amen thank you


THANKS so much for this post! Amen to the peace from God.

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