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Midol works wonders!!!! I have had a terrible aching tooth for 3 days and nothing would stop the throbbing. I then remembered how awful my monthly menstrual cramps are and what worked to take them away -- MIDOL! 30 minutes after taking the midol, the throbbing ceased! BTW -- Midol is not just for women... I have had male friends take it for body aches and they told me it worked for them too.

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I am trying this now. I just took a midol about 3 minutes ago. Earlier today I used oragel and really, no relief. (should say this is a wisdom tooth). After that didn't work, took 3 tylenol 4's with codine. Certainly helped me sleep, but still did not take away the pain. And about 4 hours ago, I decided to try oxtcontin (30mgs). I slept for about 3 hours and the pain went down to more of a dull ache. I am hoping this will work as I have been up for two days with this problem and its progressively gotten worse. I will be off to the dentist on Monday and will probably have the tooth yanked. I don't have insurane and I am sure it will not be cheap, but who wants to live with this pain? Keep your fingers crossed.


Wow, this worked perfectly. I just commented above. Trust me, I couldn't believe it myself.

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