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so a few years ago, i was sitting in the sun, wearing PLEANTY of sunblock...only problem i forgot to put it on my chest... later that day, my arms and face hurt and were red, however my chest did not hurt but was BRIGHT red, i did not do anything about it but put aloe on. a week went by and every day it got worse, i would get out of the shower and sheets of skin would peel off (i know gross) NOTHING helped the pain- i tried everything, and most things just made it feel worse, it got to the point where it started to scab over, and was excruciating to even touch, spray, or mist to put anything on it, so i went to the ER and they told me that it had to dry out so they could see if it was getting infected!!!! omg i was like no way your crazy it hurts so much as it is with the aloe/vinegar/mustard...ect on it i cant imagine how it would feel without it, so they gave me pain meds. THEY ALSO TOLD ME THAT NEXT TIME I GO OUT IN THE SUN THAT IMMEDATLEY FOLLOWING EXPOSURE- BEFORE THE PAIN OR BLISTERING- TO PUT NEOSPORIN ON THE SKIN AND THAT THIS SHOULD HELP TO STOP THE BURNING.

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i have sun burn i might do wat u did since the doctor told u to do it


I went to the pharmacist after my own burns, and was told to use Neosporin, especially if it's itching or blistering, as this will help keep infection out, and to use the type that comes with the 'pain relief' in the formula. I was also told to take ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. Internally, not 'rubbing it on myself'..which won't do any good.

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