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I've had this for maybe 5 years now and I've tried just about everything. The only thing that I found to quiken healing and soothe at the same time is taking a warm bath with epsom salt, a little vinegar (about 2 table spoons), and after soaking for about 20 minutes, take a clove of garlic (peeled) and insert into the vagina as if you were inserting a tampon; if you want you can tie a string around it so you can easily pull it out afterwards. Leave in in for about 6 hours (best to do it while sleeping, with no panties), and the garlic will cleanse your body of the bad bacteria causing the outbreak. You will taste garlic through out the whole time so don't be alarmed, this means its in your blood stream. After that you will feel so much better. Just remember to keep area clean and dry at all times! Wear only 100% cotton panites or if you want to go without underwear for a couple of days then do so. I hope this helps, if not please see your doctor because it may lead to something more serious.

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I am a nurse, and this is a bunch of crap.


so nurse wht do u suppose will quicken the healing process?????


If you are a so called nurse than you'll know that it isn't 'crap'. You must have this problem as well cause you're searching for remedies. Try NOT taking your own advice. And one more thing I'm best friends with a real nurse who has been an RN for about 6 years now and she doesn't think its a bunch of crap!


I'm not even in the medical field and I know that 'bacteria does not cause a herpes outbreak'....herpes is viral, not bacterial.
However, Epsom salt is very effective in soothing and may help relieve some of the discomfort associated with an outbreak.
So the origianl response is not entirely false, or true.


All I know is I don't want to walk around with a crotch smelling like garlic for days.. and yea get yo facts strait.. herpes is VIRAL.. and what's with the disclaimer? 'uh, ya doc some wack job told me to stick garlic in there..' It is true that garlic holds healing properties though :)


Please. if u haven't tried it, don't say anything. This site is to help others who are open minded, so if you're not stay off the site.




GARLIC ACTUALLY DOES WORK! If the nurse who said it was bunch of crap did a bit of research, she would know that garlic holds very powerful anti-viral healing properties. I suffered from Group B Strep, Herpes and reaccurant yeast infections, and after being exposed to so many medications in my short 30 years of life by doctors and body is now immune to a lot of the pills that are supposed to take the problem away! I defied my doctors out come when he said I would always carry Group B Strep, making it impossible to have a vaginal child birth, since of the 3 meds available I was immune to 2 and allergic to 1 and put Garlic in my vagina...much like the lady suggested and although sounds strange and kinda gross, has worked for all three problems! I am living proof...and when i told my doctor I would find a natural cure he laughed, but when I was tested for the Group B , he couldnt help but laugh again cause i was right! It has helped with my OB and I reccomend it to any HSV sufferers :)

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