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I've been writhing in pain for the last couple of days with tooth pain. I've grown immune to benzocane in fact it almost seems to make it worse. I have been using Listerine antiseptic today for break through pain. This works GREAT!! I swish about half a mouthfull all over the affected area and get almost instant relief. but there is a downside... the pain comes back about every half hour for most of the day but has subsided this evening. Also taking acetomeniphen 1500mg about every 2-3 hours. Doesnt really seem to help all that much. but for INSTANT RELIEF I used the Listerine Antiseptic (the nasty tasteing stuff) feels like my mouth is on fire but it kills the pain fast!! just make sure its not cold when I put it on affected area. If its potentialy too cold i hold it in my mouth before swishing it.... hope this helps best of luck

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