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To clean your BBQ and grill use scrunched up aluminium foil.

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Aluminum is a neurotoxin....


You want an extremely low energy grill cleaner....take all your grill racks put them in a green garbage bag (I actually double up and use 2 one inside the other to prevent leaks). Set this in a sunny or warm place outside. Then open a bottle of plain household ammonia and pour it in the inner bag containing the grills. Immediately Tie inner bag then outer bag closed and put cap back on empty amonia bottle. The fumes are terrible. Let it sit overnight or about 12 hrs -your choice- go out. Dump the grills out of the bag blast them with a hose. The fumes from the amonia are what makes this work the more sunshine the better. You hose the grill pieces off (make it a reasonably strong spray not just a rinse over- I actually just put my thumb over part of regular hose opening to get the heavier blast I use. You maybe left with a few spots of grime remaining but those lift easily with a basic kitchen scrubbie thingy.

This method can actually 'lift' grease and grime off grills that haven't really been cleaned in years and make them look brand new. Low energy cleaning. It depends on your 'time frame' for getting the job done.

I have also used this on the world's dirtest oven racks and the element tops from my gas range with same phenomenal success.

Of course, Never Ever set this up to work inside your house - the fumes are highly noxious.

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