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Drink a few shot glasses full of pickle juice. Dill pickle juice! It works wonders.

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OMG! I don't usually get heartburn but I woke up with it so bad this morning I thought I could breath fire if I tried hard enough. Found this site tried the pickle juice and it WORKED INSTANTLY! Thank You Thank You


I must say, At 3 am I was skeptical but DESPERATE!! I have a lap band and it was just tightened and it can cause some major heartburn. So much that you have to sleep propped up, possibly for days until swelling etc goes down. I was extra miserable because this was day 3 and still burping, liquid coming up etc. I know that's gross but just wanted you to know how bad it was. COULD NOT SLEEP!! Tried a few swigs of pickle juice & minutes later, I kept 'waiting' for things to keep happening & they never did!!! Thank you you so much for sharing this remedy!!!! :) :) I'm such a believer!!!


WOW amazing I tried vinegar and my heartburn was still there..disappointment cause it was TERRIBLE and a couple sips of pickle juice and its gone!!! thanks!!


My heartburn got so bad that I felt like I couldn't breath. Thank you so much for posting this. I only had dill pickle juice with garlic in it, but it worked for me. Burned going down but less than 2 mins later, GONE!


Worked like a charm! Mmm pickle juice.



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