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Drink a few shot glasses full of pickle juice. Dill pickle juice! It works wonders.

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I can't believe it, but it worked! My heart burn was relieved instantly!!!!


It does work on impressed


I woke up with the most intence heartburn, my cheast was throbbing and It was so bad i had a large amount of acid reflux come into my mouth. Desperate for relief I found this websit and chose the easiest thing wich was pickle juice. OMG! thank you! It was the fastest relief I've ever experienced. And with my health condition I will now be stocking up on pickles. :)


I usually just have some milk but we just got back from a long trip. So no milk in the fridge. Found this site and tried the pickle juice w 1 pickle and it helped instantly.


yeah, it really works!It immediatley stopped the burning!


What a GREAT rememdy, my heartburn was gone in seconds!


It worked for me too thanks. The burn wasn't totally gone but it helped to settle it to be bareable.


It worked instantly! I can't believe it. As much bite as pickle juice has to it, I thought that maybe it would only intensify it. But, with no milk and no antacids in the house I was willing to try it. Thanks for the tip!


wow great remedy for emergencies wen u dont have antacids...


AMAZING!! It does for real work!! After a few vodka & juice drinks I had THE WORST heartburn.....tried this & HOT DAMN! It really does work!! Gone after ther first couple sips of pickle juice! !!!!!!HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS!!!!!

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