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Drink aloe vera juice twice a day to aid the healing process.

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Where the hell would u get aloe vera juice.. jeeze people we want home remedies for stuff we have at home not stuff we have to buy a whole bunch of ingredients for, then we'd just end up buying medicine am i right?


Aloe Vera is not that difficult to find. Ask any one that has plants, i bet they have an aloe vera plant.


so if my friend has an aloe vera plant, i am supposed to juice it? why the fuck would you say that.


Would you just chill out already?! You are too annoying!


To the brainiac that just cannot figure out anything in life without the guidance of someone else, and who has to curse like a child... Aloe Vera juice can be found at health food stores and at many grocery stores... Now, I think you need to drink something, but not Aloe, more like bleach... and choke your mouth is classy so anyway.... my mom tried drinking the stuff for awhile but she couldn't tolerate it... it is supposed to be a miracle thing but I am not willing to try


apparently you get used to aloe vera juice after you drink it for a while. i had a friend in college who would buy it in giant glass jugs and drink a glass every day for his skin. he had wonderful skin and swore that even though the taste is initially repugnant, one gets used to it and will eventually crave it. I have no idea about efficacy....


Aloe Vera juice tastes good... but I guess it's one of those tastes you can be born aquired to, or however you say it


If you have a Safeway near you can buy a gallon in the pharmacy for $15. If they don't have it on the shelf the pharmacist can get it in a couple of days for you. Aloe Vera has all kinds of healing properties. REally good for the stomach also. Mix a 1/4 cup in a cup of apple juice and you won't taste it.


interesting. i've read online that it has a disgusting taste, but my mom bought a bottle at the korean market and tasted awesome! like white grape juice! :D and if you're korean, you'll know what i mean when i say that it tasted like 'mae-shil.'

i remember thinking this odd and looking in the ingredients, and aloe vera was actually the first one. oO


Aloe Vera is natural, but not a natural food or medicine. More like a poison. Don't drink it.

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