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I have had ingrown toenails for a very long time. My nails are very thick and brittle naturally, so attempting to fix it myself only made it worse since my nails are not pliable. I bought some lip moisturizing oil (made by aquafina) from walgreens for under 5 dollars and place it on my nails every night before bed. It has helped by making my nails thinner and softer, and I am easily able to use the pointed nail clippers to pull the ingrown nail up with minimal pain.

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years ago there was a liquid ingrown nail relief from Boots but the meddling EU banned it, the thing is it worked like a dream for me for many years, it smelt of ammonia I recall and maybe that is a clue to the main ingredient. My dad used to scrape a deep ridge through the nail centre almost to the skin underside.

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