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Never have tried it but I have fleas and soon will be trying it. O.k well I came up with put some jelly NO CHUNKY JELLY (chunky meaning with sliced fruit) and mix it in a bowl with lots of white food color mix until it turns white. Then smear with a butter knife over a white plastic lid ( you know, the kind on the large 1 gallon icecream that art teachers use for crayons) and put a candle or night light over it. Let it sit for 1 whole day, but check often to see what fleas stick. RESULTS MAY VARY. NEVER TRIED BEFORE

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Tape wrapped around a piece of cardboard with the sticky side out by a light works very well.


my neighbor was telling me soemthing like this she said use soapy water in a big bowl and put it next to a night light and in the morning it will be full of dead fleas

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