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Do not sleep on the back.

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My Husband has been a snorer all his adult life, i find the only relief for both of us is to, get my husband to lie in a 'Recovery Position' ie- on his side with his mouth slightly open and his head tilted back. Think about it, it's common sense if you have ever learnt first aid this is the way for an unconscious person to obtain maximum un-interupted air flow.


It works ..
whenever my husband sleeps on his back he snores, and wen he sleeps side ways...he is fine and Im fine whenevr ur patrner snores, push a little and ditract him, he will surely take a turn .


I totally agree! Somehow get them to sleep on there side - I usually push my hubby with my feet(or kick him-LOL)& say 'turn over on your side' and he gets 'mad' but it does work once he gets turned over. Another thing is if he drinks a beer before going to bed its definietly worse!! Sometimes, nothing will stop it but, I would say 99% of the time it does!

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