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First off, I would like to thank everyone for submitting their tips... even if none of them worked for some... Its the thought that counts.

Briefly; I'm currently in Canada, originally from the UK. My insurance doesn't cover dental, having just paid off $3000 last week after a dog bite I find myself broke... Dentist is out of the question, I would pull my teeth in a heart beat but due to how back they are (potentially wisdom, girlfriend claims otherwise) I would just end up making it worse.

It's currently 3:30am, this is day 4 of no sleep...I'm not entirely sure what set off the tooth this time, normally is massive intakes of Dr Pepper... but, it's obvious I have a cavity. The peanut butter trick almost worked, by the time I got to the laptop again the pain was back.

My kitchen currently looks like a homeless man has gone in, and opened every product having a little food taste. I have currently taking over 200 tylonel and close to 25 advil in the past 48 hours. I do believe i've got somewhat immune to the thing... it did work, now it doesn't.

Now for my tip. I've been suffering with tooth pain for a good 2 years now, not really finding a cure, knocking myself out with drugs normally though this time seems alot worse. What I do find to make the pain go away, and trust me this will sound awfully weird... roll your eyes... I know it sounds crazy, I close my eyes, and constantly roll them up... the eyes start to hurt after a while, but after a good 15 minutes the tooth pain has not completely gone by calmed down.

How did I find this? well around 3 months ago, i was sat in the kitchen with garlic in my mouth for 4 hours, and ended up rolling my eyes upwards out of pure tiredness, I have no idea why....the tooth suddenly calmed... I figured it was due to the garlic, but 3 months later here I am... I know this isn't a great tip, but lets face it most of us are searching during the middle of the night and can't get to a store...

anyway yeah, off to try the tea bag!

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I have found that when I have a tooth ache, if I clench my jaw as hard as possible it relieves the pain and lessens it enough to allow me to atleast fall asleep, so I believe the eye rolling would work in the same fashion.

Sheri D

My question for you because I am in the same boat only in US. I thought you could get medical or dental care in Canada and was thinking I might try someway to get there for myself medically. Now my dog is very sick. Down to my very last borrouwed dollar from my folks. I can't take her back to the vet. So i put the oral jel stuff in a piece of food (steak) and poured fresh steak broth from the crock pot in with pedialite and then i added Collidial silver also for her mouth infection. I thought she had rabies she had such awful stuff hanging from her mouth. she is getting better now. the antibiotic and steroid from the Vet was helping but i could hardly get it in her mouth. I am sorry i don't have any solutions i am sure you are looking for. But i am now trying to find solutions for myself over this internet for the first time so far i must not know how to search right because i haven't found any of the free help ive heard for yrs now is out there. did you go to canada to get help for your mouth in the 1st place?


Hey there, I'm the original poster of this tip. Figured I'd answer you post #2.

For a start I did not come to Canada to have my tooth fixed, the price of the flights along could have my entire mouth pulled. I'm here for personal reasons.

I just so happen to get a tooth ache while here and my insurance does not cover dental. I get free health care in the UK, as do any Brits.

As for your dog, I have no clue for a solution... for a start dogs have so little taste buds, the fact the gums would react with any remedies here would blow my mind... Do NOT give your dog any sort of human drugs, some may say it works... they're deluded themselves while the dog carries on with pain or is in more pain.

Not onto a personal note. I'm an idiot, in my original post I said I was taking so many pills, well now im internally bleeding... having to take bathroom breaks while blood comes out... and guess what, I've got no passport to return home with.. I have no clue what's gonna happen...

on the plus side, my tooth feels fantastic, the wisdom teeth are coming through and I can't open my teeth wider than an inch, so eat extremely slow and mainly liquids, but the pain has gone... Not quite sure what done it, the bottle of penicillin I took over the course of a week could of helped.

But yes, a final word, no matter how much your tooth is hurting... Do not take pills, but is the long run it's ALOT more painful.. I've learnt the hard way.


LMAO...I think it is amusing that you said people are looking at this in the middle of the night when they can't get to a store, due to the fact that it's about 1:30AM and there is no hope for sleep at this point because I am in so much pain....I guess I will try this and any other crazy idea that comes my way. Thanks for the tip =p


I was jolted awake around 130 this lower wisdom tooth had been thumping most of the it has become all out bring me to tears pain...I havd orajel'led' to the point of it no longer numbing, tried the baking soda water cocktail...put, cold..warm..on it and taken enough 800 ibuprofen to sedate a small village....needless to say ...strange as it sounds...I pulled up a random website with a tip...roll your eyes...I did...the pain has subsided...within a couple of minutes the want to grab a set of plyers and be my own dentist has stopped...I dont know why this helped...all I know is it did...i will get my tooth professionally yanked out first thing is the am., until then i will be rolling my eyes...just thought I'd share does work...

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