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I was going to say I suffered from panic attacks but then I thought I actually didn't because the first time I had it was horrendous but then I wlearned to accept it. I was 17,I wasin the movies with my girllfriend. Suddenly I started sweating, my heart beating extremely fast and feeling like I had lost it. Soon after I saw a psychotherapist and I learned what it was. I felt better when I actually learned that I would not die from it or lose my mind from it. Slowly, with the help of my therapist, I learned to recognize it and just be aware of it. I learned to just welcome it when it came because all it was was basically bad energy leaving my body and it actually was a great thing that the bad energy was leaving my body. One more thing, my therapist told me, imagine you are trying to surf in the ocean. What do you do?Do you fight with the waves or just allow the waves to help you surf. You allow the waves to help you surf. So i allowed myself to actually exoerience the panic attack without judging. It doesn't mean that you are crazy or a bad person or whatever. The trick is to recognize it and surf it.

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I have been suffering from anxiety for a while. I was on Paxil for a long time and hated how it made me feel. It took away the worst anxiety but also took away the joy. I am learning to 'go with it' too. I have started driving again after a long period of none at all. I was deathly afraid of having a dizzy spell behind the wheel. I go to the store and I fell dizzy...sweat..heart pounding. etc. I used to run out but now i breathe through it. Try taking an ipod with you. When you start feeling it come on..turn on the ipod..It distracts you ..Anxiety is a path we have to walk down..It isnt pleasant but you can learn to manage it. I did the midwest center program 2 years ago. I havent had a full blown attack since then..and it was something as simple as being told (even though you already know) that you are not going to are not going to pass out...the feelings will pass.. sounds silly but it worked for me


brillant advice first panic attacks do not harm your body and you will not die from them saying that it harms the body is enough to send some one that suffer's with servier health anxiety to constantly be in the hospital or down the doctors and every time they have a painc attack they think they will die i find reading a book and listening to music or suffing the web helps but dont lookup your symptons as they will make you panic even more


i love your advice. knowing that it wont harm me makes me feel a lot better.. i usually run upstairs whenever i feel im going to have an attack and told them not to follow. i concentrate and tell myself i'll be ok sooner and ask for God's healing power..thank you

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