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I was going to say I suffered from panic attacks but then I thought I actually didn't because the first time I had it was horrendous but then I wlearned to accept it. I was 17,I wasin the movies with my girllfriend. Suddenly I started sweating, my heart beating extremely fast and feeling like I had lost it. Soon after I saw a psychotherapist and I learned what it was. I felt better when I actually learned that I would not die from it or lose my mind from it. Slowly, with the help of my therapist, I learned to recognize it and just be aware of it. I learned to just welcome it when it came because all it was was basically bad energy leaving my body and it actually was a great thing that the bad energy was leaving my body. One more thing, my therapist told me, imagine you are trying to surf in the ocean. What do you do?Do you fight with the waves or just allow the waves to help you surf. You allow the waves to help you surf. So i allowed myself to actually exoerience the panic attack without judging. It doesn't mean that you are crazy or a bad person or whatever. The trick is to recognize it and surf it.

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Two words: spell check.


that's interesting you said that panic attacks are bad energy leaving your body.
i'm a massage therapist and one of my clients has body convulsions when i unlock her energy where she holds lots of anxiety.

anxious wonder

im sorry but what advice are you offering here? when you have a panic attack 'just go with it'? i hope your not paying your therapist much! sounds like your getting an easy, lazy answer...


You negative people should LAY OFF of this person. He's giving you his experiences and the ways that he deals with them. Maybe you could learn a thing or two, mabye you don't; but, don't judge him just because you may not agree with him.
I think it's an insightful statement. I also agree that anxiety is a result of supressed negative emotions and experiences. Sometimes you can control them by recognizing that you're not going to die, you're not having a heart attack - your body is making you aware of and expelling the negative feelings and experiences, and if you can recognize and confront them, you will be better for it.
This doesn't work for everyone, and it certainly doesn't just fix the entire problem, but it can be one component of a your plan to attack this difficult condition.
Open your minds, people -- it is a nautral/home remedies site!!


I love this .. this is honestly some of the best advice I've seen. Thank you for posting..


The problem with this approach is that in fact, panic attacks do harm to your body. The increase in cortisol levels that results is associated with almost every degenerative disease. It also misses the possibility that there is a physical cause. I had panic attacks, went through several years of therapy, took xanax and tried ssri's, and found that panic attacks are closely associated with gluten intolerance, in fact, one of the most frequent presenting symptoms. I follow a gluten free diet and the panic attacks stopped - unless I accidentally get some gluten in a restaurant setting. Because gluten intolerance is also associated with a lot of other negative health consequences, I'm really glad I didn't just 'go with it!'

Jay B.

I like the advice of the post that stated panic attacks/anxiety is removing negative energy - love it, love it. I have been dealing with anxiety/tension for a while now. I know my body is trying to get rid of all this tension but somehow I can not seem to let go of this tension. I am learning little by little how to release this tension and welcome the physical feelings that come along with it. Your post about getting rid of negative energy truly enlighten me..


I totally understand what the OP meant by learning to recognize the attacks and just go with it...I've taught myself to do this over the years. I tell myself 'ok, this doesn't feel good, but it won't last forever, and I will be alright' or something along those lines. It helps tremendously.

I can't seem to overcome the physical symptoms though. Just today I had to leave the grocery store before I was done shopping because I was sweaty and dizzy and nauseated with my heart pounding like mad. I didn't feel panicked or anxious, but I was definitely having panic attacks.

Does anyone else get the physical symptoms while the mental or emotional symptoms stay controlled?

Oh and I would just like to mention that the poster who mentioned gluten intolerance has a great point. I was misdiagnosed as having Celiac Disease for five years, and went completely gluten-free until last year when my digestive system crashed, and I learned my pancreas was the problem, not gluten. However, eating gluten-free for so many years did help my major depression issues more than every doctor I've seen or pill I have taken, ever. Food definitely plays a major role in disorders like this and others, I believe.


I agree these attacks can be managed through home remedies. I have had worse ones and once they were diagnosed, I began to pay attention to every feeling and was much less stressed when I knew I didn't have a serious health problem (heart, etc). I just get up and walk slowly around at work (I don't run home) and breath through my diaphram. I also use a cold wash cloth to cool my body down.


i really really love this advice it is the best one i've read i hope i can learn to start 'riding the wave' instead of freaking out and thinking that i cant breathe i know these panic attacks wont kill me i just worry a lot

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