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For the past two years or so, I've been dealing with a recurring ear infection, but due to an allergy to penicillin, there's been little that anyone could do. I've found that dripping chamomile extract into the ear and allowing it to sit for a few minutes helps with the pain, whether it clears up the infection or not (I'm assuming it does).

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ear infections HURT

oh my, thanks so much, im going to try it. Im to allergic to penicillan and one of my friends had they same thing and she went to the doctors and they gave her a pink med. but it had penicillan in it so i couldnt have it


WHERE does one GET 'chamomile extract'? Would using chamomile TEA do the same thing? Or would that be too dilute and the water cause more problems? Has anyone else tried this with success???


They will have other antibiotics penicillin is very strong that is y so many people are alergic to it. When i was 8 i had surgery in my ears because i had major ear infections very often and this was affecting my hearong i have not had an ear infection since untill now i am 15 after my surgery. I was given penicillin i spent the night frowing up nicr :/

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