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the white flower is what my parents used to me when i was little for my toothache. its in a little transparent bottle. first you have to brush your teeth coz the white flower will burn your mouth. if u dont believe then try not brushing first. and if your tooth has a hole make sure you clean it using a toothpick. then just put cotton with white flower inside the hole. i advise that you leave the cotton there so the food wont enter the hole and just change it every after meal or its up to you. so the pain surely be gone but the tooth is still there. i advise that after the pain is gone, you can now go to the dentist and make the tooth extracted... the white flower is so good that you can also use it for headache, dizziness and other body pains. if you dont have any idea about white flower, you can ask your asian friend^^

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What is the white flower? Is this something i can buy? Or is it literally a flower...please explain.

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