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at least once a week brush your teeth with a little bit of charcoal powder, and keep on brushing and rinsing until all the black is gone, and for the rest of the week just brush with water.

this is something a natural doctor has told me, and it really works.

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i should have try this one,,,kinda interesting,,,,
but it might ruinned my teeth,,,does the little pieces of charcoal stock between the teeth?.....hhhmmmp!!!!!


'Black' charcoal to 'whiten' teeth? Hmmm. Let's just think of the logic of this method for a moment. No, should be the answer.


I tried organic activated charcoal because my teeth were a lovely shade of yellow crayon mixed with brown crayon (not a smoker, just old). Dipped a very wet toothbrush into the charcoal, coated all my teeth everywhere, let sit 3 minutes, & rinsed THOROUGHLY! I was
shocked w/the results. I do this once
a week. I always brush my teeth w/regular toothpaste & baking soda'll see why when you try it. (Motto: Don't knock something until you've tried it!)


Google/Bing: activated charcoal for dental problems (So much to learn!)

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