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at least once a week brush your teeth with a little bit of charcoal powder, and keep on brushing and rinsing until all the black is gone, and for the rest of the week just brush with water.

this is something a natural doctor has told me, and it really works.

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wow.... just wow


Not gonna lie, that sounds sketchy...


I know it seems weird that charcoal power will clean your teeth but my mom tried this on me long time ago and it did work like a magic! I was about 8 or 9 and visited my uncle for summer and without my mom's supervision didn't brush my teeth for a couple of months. When I came back to go to school in the fall my mom was beside herself! She grinded the charcoal and mixed it with baking powder and made me brush my teeth with the mixture for one straight month until my teeth were spotless. Funny thing is I was thinking about this home remedy yesterday and thought I should look up for others on internet and came across this posting!
Try it it's miraculous!


rofl! thats so fake!! charcole is a combanastion of acids that turn your teeth yellow. if you eat alot of grilled food thats what happense.


Just curious how stained can your teeth be at 8 or 9. I think it's getting deep in here.


Kelly, who can't write, is wrong. Charcoal mis not acidic and it seems highly unlikely that it will turn your teeth yellow.
This might just work, because charcoals, especially activated charcoal is used to purify water. It takes out the toxins. Why couldn't it have the same effect on teeth>?


My dad was poor, and could not afford toothpaste, so he and his siblings all used charcoal to brush their teeth, and now, his teeth are really white


the rest of the week do you brush with just water or toothpaste?


Do Not use charcoal brickettes...! Do use Activated charcoal such as is used medically and is available in capsule form at any pharmacy.


that sounds stupid

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