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Ron S.

For mild congestion, lay two fingers (middle and index) flat across one cheek (pointing up toward your eye). Close the nostril on the opposite side and then blow. While blowing, roll your fingers toward your nose like you're squeezing a tube of tooth paste. This will help move the deep congestion toward the nasal passage where it can be blown out.

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I was at home on a day off and was awoke by sudden nasal congestion. I wanted to cry because I couldn't go back to sleep on my day off. Hop on the internet and research 'home remedies for nasal congestion' and this is what I stumbled upon. I am sooooo thankful for this! I can go back to sleep now w/o breathing thru my mouth! Power to the internet and peoples testimony!


Thank you!! At least I have one nostril to breath. I can go to sleep now, YAY!!


I don't get it either


I found this worked best if I placed my fingers a bit lower on the cheek (just below the cheek bone). This area was puffy and my sinuses really cleared up when I pressed down with my fingers and rolled them toward my nose. I also pushed up a little on the cheek bone.

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