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Ron S.

For mild congestion, lay two fingers (middle and index) flat across one cheek (pointing up toward your eye). Close the nostril on the opposite side and then blow. While blowing, roll your fingers toward your nose like you're squeezing a tube of tooth paste. This will help move the deep congestion toward the nasal passage where it can be blown out.

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This totally worked! I did it first on one side of my nose, then again on the other side. I did this several times in a row and my congestion was relieved for quite a while. Easy at home remedy that doesn't require any ingredients-just your fingers! Thanks!


I don't get it


even though this can allow for quick relief, you are also moving the congestion toward your ears which can cause an ear infection. Any allergist or ENT will tell you to not do this.

stuffy nose

i dont get it either........


Seems to work a bit. Thank you.


wow that really worked thank you


It Worked YAY


The problem with this is that most nasal congestion is a result of inflammation of the tissues do to allergies so you have to fix the cause of the inflammation. It's usually not caused my mucous.

Shaneka Jones

You have no idea how blessed I was by this post! Thanks so much for sharing, I can breath again!!!!


I have suffered for years from nasal problems.

I have done this consistently every day for the last two months and my nasal problems are GONE!! Only side effect I have noticed - my snot looks like tooth paste and my nose is getting whiter!!

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