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Just a note to those of you upset about the hygiene factor...Lice have an easier time holding on to CLEAN hair rather than those whose hair is not well taken care of. If you think about it, if you've gone a day or two without washing your hair, besides feeling yucky, your hair is usually getting oily-looking. These oils make it harder for the lice to grab.
The stigma about lice only being found on people that don't take care of themselves needs to be addressed. It can happen to anyone, and clean hair makes it worse. When my kids have come home with lice, my sister tells me that's what I get for sending my kids to school with clean hair! :-) A friend told her, which I plan to try once I get rid of the latest infestation, to douse kids hair with gels, mousse, and/or hair spray. I would think this would make the hair easier to hold on to, but she has 3 children that have never had lice, so I'm willing to try it! Plus, I am going to make it a habit to start blow-drying both of them when they get out of the shower. I've heard they can't survive the heat.
Plan on trying the listerine/vinegar treatment in a bit. Haven't been able to get rid of lice after 3 weeks. Now my other child has them. We tried the peroxide the other day, but my son keeping a shower cap on and not letting his sister see him was a chore, so we will all wrap out heads tonight and no one can make fun of anyone else!
Good luck, everyone!

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hair styling products do NOT prevent infestations.. tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and suave coconut shampoo and conditioner will prevent lice infestations.. use these regularly and they will keep them out of your hair and your children's hair.. add the oil of your choice to your shampoo, and dilute some and spray your furniture and beds regularly.. it repels them better than anything..


I have recently tried the listerine/vinegar treatment..the listerine worked great at killing the bugs...the vinegar did an amazing job with the nits...washed out the vinegar with coal tar shampoo (generic brand) and conditioned with suave coconut conditioner...wash linens hot water...vaccum well...srpay furniture, mattresses..etc. with lysol or generic disinfecting far so good

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