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Use apple cider vinegar, to get rid of dandruff. Apply apple cider vinegar into your hair, enough to wet your scalp. Do this five minutes before you shower, then wash your hair as you normally would, while showering. You will start to see a difference within a week or so. You will also notice that your hair will be healthier, and softer.

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Lisa Parker, Dunn North Carolina

I really believe this remedy will work. I was just reading in my home remedy book about applke cidar vinegar. My husband has BAD dandruff for years and after reading about htis last night and now seeing it on the internet makes me believe it will help. I am going to start washing my husband's hair with vingear and see what the results will be. Wish him luck!


I tried apple cider vinegar. I've had dandruff for decades. After about a month I seem to have no trace of dandruff. I didn't use any shampoo with it. Just vinegar and rinse thoroughly. I also had a flaky skin condition on my forehead and nose, also for decades. I used acv to wash my face as well and the skin problem seems to be completely gone. Try it folks!


How do u use it? u just put apple cider vinegar on your hair? or do u add water to it..?

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