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I have also heard the dawn remedy and will be trying it today on my cat but to the person that was asking about keeping them out of the yard..I have used SEVREN dust in the yard and around the can buy it at Lowe' also deters ticks and snakes.

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I also have heard of this in which I have tried without success. I don't consider my pets fleas,as 'infested' just bothersome to both her and I with all the scratching and nawing that she does. Maybe I didn't use enough Dawn?


Dawn truly does work. You need to apply it to the wet fur then add a bit more water massage in all over, leave on for a few minutes (as you would a flea shampoo). Then rinse. In order to keep the fleas away you need to get rid of the ones in your carpets, furniture, etc. Dawn does work if you use it the correct way. I have used it MANY times, as I am massaging the soap into my pets fur I see dead fleas in the suds, on my hands & then once rinsed in the water.


Forgot to say make sure you get a good lather going with the dawn. Suds is what you want to see. As I had said in last post wet their fur then apply the dawn & add more water to help get it lathered up.


i have done the dawn and it worked like a charm...i have hardwood flooring and still have fleas in the house i was wondering if i mopped the floor with the dawn if it would work or damage my flooring..


please use seven dust with extream caution it can kill honey bees and they are having a hard time as it is

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