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jen from Mt..Pleasant

this is a guarantee.i myself and my huband have had multiple amounts of boils.but needless to say i have never had to POP one.all you do is take a potato it doesent matter what kind you use,cut the end piece off,tape it to your boil,when you wake up the infection will be in that end of the might wan to tape another piece the next night just to make sure you got it doesnt have to be big.lust a small piece will work fine.very innexpencive and guaranteed to work,i promise or your $ back.oh i forgot it dosent cost anything haha

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Did it really work? My daughter has one on her bum, and I am having a hell of a time trying to get it healed!


My grandmother told me the same thing about a potato. I have been getting boils so bad that i had to have surgery on 3 of them. It works best if the boils have come to a head. It will stop the pain but you may have to repeat it.


My husband has had issues with boils in the past and we apply castor oil. When applied generously, castor oil will bring the boil to a head.


This worked. Brought it to a head by the next morning (had the potato on for about 5-6 hrs). I probably should have done it some more--- I did squeeze ( I know that's bad), and some core came out but not sure I got it all, cause it's still kinda sore and a bit raised. At any rate, the potato worked for me.

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