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Try to throw up, it really relaxes as a lot of you have probably noticed. If you're finding it difficult to throw up sniff some rotten yogurt (learnt this the hard way.

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i know it doesnt sound like it would work but i had a terrible stomach ache and i threw up and i felt a lot better


lol, it's the craziest cure but it does work.


Throwing up only makes sense to me. If your stomach aches, get rid of what is causing the problem, why let it go any further. Who knows how long it may take to pass through.


I hate to throw up and I think unless you have food poisoning this is ridiculous and also damaging to the espphagus and teeth among other things. Try the mint option or something first - making yourself throw up is a bad idea.


You should try somethin first and put this as your last option cause its 2 gross! Lol :p


well this is true.. when i have a stomach ache i take my tooth brush and shove it down my mouth and it works


I've had an ache in my stomach all night and I've tried soooooo much it's made it worse.

I think I'm going to have to muster up the courage to actually stick my little fingers down my throat and sound like I'm dying for about 10 minutes.

Kudos for finding out how disgustingly ill Off Yoghurt is the hard way, that made me chuckle. :3

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