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Ron Benefield

Not sure on this one but strongly suspect boils are a way one of the elimination organs, the skin uses to get rid of toxins. Boils indicates a toxic body. Detox the body and eliminate the boils.

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Not true. Boils are clogged/infected sweat glands.


And again..not true. Not always. Yes, boils can be caused by sweat glands being infected, but in some (most) cases, it is a bigger underlaying problem. I got them for years and have the scars to prove it. I saw TONS of different doctors and they would all prescribe an antibiotic. FINALLY, I met a doctor with some common sense. He placed me on a detox medication. BRAVO!!!! I was also a type 2 diabetic...see the WAS!! Same doctor said the boils were also a sign of diabetes and put me on a diet! I hate diets, BUT, lost the extra weight, lost the diabetes that I didn't even know I had...LOST the boils!!! See, no sweat gland infection there!


Truth is Boils can be cause by many different things and can also be a symptom of many different things as well the only way to kno is to have a doctor that cares enough to take the times to test the possibilities.

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