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Ron Benefield

Allergies are a sign of a dirty colon and a liver backed up with toxins.Cleanse the liver and cleanse the colon and the allergies will go away. Maybe not right away but over time.

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oh for heaven's sake. what a thing to suggest for someone who is suffering just a few weeks out of the year.


It could be my colon but more likely it could be the half inch of pollen that is covering everything within a hundred miles of my house. Colon? moron


This is a true statement. I have never ever in my life suffered from allergies... until recently I found out I was having liver dysfunction. All of a sudden I have allergies. Sneezing all day long and itchy eyes, hands and feet. (This is your bodies way of trying to rid your system of the toxins that your liver cannot get rid of because you are constipated all the time)


If you actually study or know anything about allergies it is an overreaction of the bodies defense. Something non-harmful such as: pollen, dust, or even stawberries cause the body to react by releasing histamines which cause eyes to water to flush them, also sneezing and running nose to flush the 'potential threat'

Louisiana Mom

One cause of allergies may be a 'dirty colon' however this is not the primary cause which can range from outdoor/indoor allergens, stress, preexisting medical conditions, pet dander and many others.


All colons are dirty. What nonsense are you saying here! Seasonal allergies are the bodies natural response to irritants such as pollen and ragweed, as well as the pesticides sprayed on many fruits.


For some this may be true, I have developed allergies recently and I think I am not so healthy right now, so trying to take spirulina and chlorela to flush out. hope it works for me.


Ummmm..... I kinda think that allergies are MAINLY caused by pollen and trees and molds and other things. Not all allergies are caused by 'Dirty colons' If a person has a runny nose and itchy eyes, how in the world does that relate to your intestines? I'm sure maybe some people have allergies because of their innards, (maybe 3% of people) but can you please post REAL remedies? Thanks.


I think that can happen to people with a dirty colon but not to everyone. I'm healthy. I eat a lot of raw foods and lead a healthy lifestyle. I have regular bowel movements yet I still get allergies when pollen count is high. Its your bodys way of fighting of a potential threat.


OH MY GOD!! This actually makes ALOT of sense for my case. I have suffered from allergy as far as I remember, but also I was told that my liver is 'weak' and I have suffered from colon problems too. It is all connected... :/

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