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Ron Benefield

Body odor is a sure sign of a nasty colon with filth that is trying to escape. Clean the nasty filthy colon and you clean the body odor.

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A toxic colon is more commonly connected to 'bad breath'. A toxic colon is usually a result of poor diet. A poor diet is related to poor health. Poor health means a low immune system. A low immune system could allow the true cause of Body Odor to grow which is 'Bad Bacteria'. Alum is astrigent which makes the environment for bad bacteria unpleasant and reduce its ability to survive, therefore eliminating the problem. It should only be necessary to use the Alum water in and around the arm pits or other troubled areas.

Linda A.

Yet another idiotic 'New Age' 'remedy'!


Idiotic 'new age' remedy? No need to post if you don't agree. Just ignore it & move on. There's nothing idiotic about the basic concept that most health issues are related to diet & internal toxicity. It's a fact.


i seem to have a very regular colon, probably more so tha. most people, but i still have excessively sweaty armpit, i dont tink thats the answer.

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