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Ron Benefield

Use probiotics and do not let your doctor give you antibiotics. Avoid oily foods and all fried foods. Shampoo the hair daily, eat lots of veggies, no cokes,no fries, no McDonalds. It is a condition created from within and no external applications will correct an internal problem.

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Did you know that shampooing your hair actually damages it? It strips the hair of its natural oils. Your hair is actually supposed to cleanse itself with those oils. So, shampoo dries out your hair, causing it to overproduce oils and dirty quicker. If your hair hangs in your face, this could cause pretty bad breakouts. I started using homeopathic hair remedies and cleansing and my acne has cleared up a lot. I don't even have to wash my hair anymore because I stopped using shampoo almost 2 months ago (:


Not eating McDonald's and stuff is good for preventing breakouts to an extent, but you may also want to avoid wheat and other carbohydrates and just foods in general with a high glycemic index

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