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Ron Benefield

No chronic disease that affects the human body can be corrected or eliminated as long as the body is in an over acid condition. Acid occurs from eating acid foods like sugar,meat, alcohol,candy, and artificial sweetners. The colon produces acid when it starts fermenting with meat sugars, and starchs combined forming acid conditions in the colon. The colon then produces mucous to protect the body from the acids and that mucous then becomes sticky and cause constipation making the problem worse.To eliminate an over acid condition in the body the colon must be cleansed of the mucous, bad bacteria, and parasites making acid and poisoning the body. Good health begins in the colon and death begins in the colon. There is no such thing as acid reflex disease, but there is a dirty colon. Drug companies can make money off dirty colons but they can make pills for diseases they invent.

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