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Eating alfalfa sprouts every day or every other day will stop leg cramps.

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This will really work out a leg cramp, no matter what time of day it occurs. Go in the woods and find the biggest bob tail cat you can find. Catch it and bring it to your home, let it spend one night in your home, do not feed the cat. Early the next morning go buy five packs of pigs feet and feed it to the cat, but do not let it enjoy the meal. When the cat is angry, pick it up and put it under your shirt allowing the cat to scratch you a little. If you bleed just wipe off the blood and let the cat sniff the rag. You shouldn't have to ever worry about another cramp ever again.


If the cramp is in your calf,point your toes up. For preventive:a 1/4 teaspoon of Baking soda in a 8 0z glass off water. Also tonic water works.

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