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I don't think any of these painful treatments would be easily endured by my 12 year old son. He was already in a lot of pain from the plantar warts (about 15) on both of his feet and toes. They had to have been there for some time before he told me about them. I searched online for natural remedies and came across the duct tape idea which we tried faithfully for two weeks with no success. Trying to get duct tape to stick to a sweaty 12 year old's feet isn't easy! It just kept peeling off and sticking to his socks. So we went back to our family's old tried and true remedy, Echinacea. He took the highest dose recommended for his size (4 capsules every night) for about one month before they all started to turn black and fall off completely. There is absolutely no pain involved at all. This has worked for several of us in the family now and none of the warts have come back. We are now trying it out on our 8 year old for a wart under his toe nail. He isn't able to swallow a capsule yet so we are trying the liquid echinacea for him. This one is worth a shot especially when trying to treat kids.

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Did your son have to continue taking the pills after the warts were gone? I am wondering because I have heard that the pills reduce the effectiveness of my borth control, so I wouldn't want to continue aking them forever, but I wouldn't mind for a month or two as long as they remove these things.

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