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This worked faster than I could believe. Put some insect spray on a q-tip, apply it to the tick, (that was imbedded) I couldn't believe it, but the tick backed out.

I'm still amazed!!!

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it worked like a charm dont listen to the people with all the crazy hot things try this


so, I have been having a terrible time with ticks and getting them off my dog without leaving the head still attached. I tried the insect repellent on a cue tip and rubbed it around and over the tick. then I took a tweezers and I pulled the tick off head and all! It was amazing and soooo easy. This totally works and its a life saver! It works on the tiny deer ticks which are the worst for digging their heads into the skin. Thanks for the tip!

Larry Kleever

This is great! I was very surprised when I didn't even need tweezers.

Thanks for posting, never would have though of it myself!

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