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mom of 3

My 3 yr old daughter suffered with eczema for about 2 years now and I have tried EVERYTHING from steirod creams to home remedies with apple cider vinegar.
Nothing has worked on my daughter except diaper rash cream (TRIPLE PASTE) and this worked great but didn't cure her eczema. but I came across this website talking about using kiwi fruit and putting it on the infected area and I was so very skeptical but decided to try it. I tried everything else nothing has really worked except the diaper rash cream but I wanted it GONE for good. So I tried it and it worked. Honestly. Her hands were the most affected and I mostly put it on her hands and not her whole body because it stings a bit and since she is young. Now when ever she gets a break out which is TOTALLy due to sugar (when grandma gives some treats) she NEVER breaks out on her hands but her body breaks out. So I know for a fact it is the kiwi that did it!!! Please I know it sounds weird but this really works. just give it a try you have nothing to lose, especially if you tried everything else. It is safe and 100% effective in my opinion.
I suggest, after you follow the kiwi treatment, the skin might be a little red so put the diaper rash cream on and I really promise you, it will be life changing!!!
for some reason this website will not allow me to post any links so if you google or type in the search box:
Michael chin's eczema and kiwi it should come up.
Good luck to all

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First of all big Thank You for this post. and God bless people running this blog.

My 4 Yr old has Eczema since birth. reading your post decided to give a try to kiwi, in last 4 days I've seen some suppression of dry and scaly patches already.

Big problem I have is, my 4 yr old complains a lot about the burning that kiwi gives (it stops in 3-4 mins).

I'm wondering did you improvise on kiwi application?
Also did it work in long run?

Thank you very much,
a father

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