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Other people have mentioned Apple cider vinegar and I just wanted to relay my experience which got rid of the warts on application.

1. Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of Vaseline around the wart to protect the skin.

2. Dip a clean cotton bud into small amount of ACV and then apply this to the wart using a gentle, but firm, back and fort, rubbing action.

3. Repeat using a second clean cotton bud. You will notice the wart turns white, and then you are likely to see some blood. Do not be alarmed at this stage - the blood is a sign that the wart is being dislodged. Wipe the blood away with a tissue and continue.

4. Having repeated this using about 4/5 clean, cotton buds dipped in ACV, within about 10 minutes, or less the wart will fall away from the skin.

5. Wipe the area clean with a tissue, apply some Savlon to help the skin heal.

6. Skin in the genital area takes longer to heal than other parts of the body because it is damp and warm, but within a week you should be back to normal.

7. Avoid sex until the area has fully healed.

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i just have the one wart, so protecting the healthy skin wasn't too tedious. before i put the cotton ball with vinegar on, i taped around it, so the vinegar wouldn't touch it (it's near my bum, and nobody wants a raw bum!). i used white vinegar for about two hours a day because that's what i had around. after 3 days, the little warty 'hats' that the big wart was wearing have kind of melted off and the big wart has turned white. it's quite sensitive, but thanks to tape and a bit of hydrocortisone, the rest of my skin is happy.


HELP PLEASE QUICKLY, my daughter has warts and she tried the apple cider vinegar treatment and she is soooo swollen on her labia minor and is in so much pain. Has this happened to any females out there and what should she do


this method has totally made my life better, i was on the verge of insanity no joke!i was covered in the warts and had no social life i had tried severall different treatmants ansd this really worked.been wart free for months now and life is getting back to normal.


the acv treatment is extremely painful i found and with big inflammation, irritation and even miner actual burning..... but it is the only thing that worked short from having them surgically removed (which i didn't try).

the intense burning i felt when first applying the acv to the warts was so much that i thought it must be burning away all my skin.... but after a few times i realized the sensation was coming only from exactly where the warts were even though the acv was also on my normal skin.

i do not believe it is possible to be pain free... the best you can do is minimize the pain by diluting the vinegar with water and spend more time treating them. in my case it got so bad that diluted vinegar simply didn't cut it and i had to go pure vinegar and pure pain. when they got smaller i started to dilute the vinegar just a little (about 90% acv 10% water). and when they were really small i put just tee tree oil on the which also burns unnaturally but subsides more quickly and with less general irritation. (i found the tea tree had little effect when they were bigger).


where do you get the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! please i need help!! ta x


hey i was wondering if any of you knew it it was okay to use the ACV treatment while being pregnant.My obgyn wont do anything about the warts til after the pregnancy and they are beginning to get really aggravating. They actually get bigger when pregnant he told me it was normal but one of them is so big that it hurts and i just want to get rid of it.


This method actually worked!! I was getting frustrated trying this and that and nothing working!
I must admit, its not painless, it does irritate and it took longer than 10 minutes! I would also suggest that if you have more than one wart, do this method one at a time and allow each to heal, it leaves quite a boo boo!
I had a lot of trouble with the 'root' of the wart. It just did not want to fall off... also frustrating!! lol


Take longer than 10 minutes although there i not a lot of pain involved. I had a lot of trouble with the root but after persevering with it i finally got there and it was gone :) Got a few more to do but dont think ill have any problems. You do bleed but dont worry i clotted it with a clean dry cotton bud then put on ome bepanthem as thats fast to work.


You can get the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) from any supermarket (not a convenience store, mostly) in the baking aisle. It's kind of tan/brown (dark piss) in color like apple cider. Heinz is probably the most popular/widely-used brand in the US but other brands will work. Do not use balsamic or white vinegar. Kroger's, Meijer, Walmart, Piggly Wiggly : ), etc sell ACV for 1-2 dollars US. If you look, you will find it. It may be near Olive oil in the store. The leftover ACV makes a good vinaigrette...add good olive oil, italian parsley, a bit of dijon mustard and whisk...don't add the wart falloffs though, that's gross : )


This worked really well for me (as a male). It does burn a little bit, but after about 3 minutes of back and forth movements of the wart, it was completely removed. What a relief.

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