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I do a few weird things that help with the symptoms. For one, depending on where the restlessness is, i find putting on leg warmer/s really helps reduce the urgency to move. The feeling of constriction seems to calm my nerves a bit. Second I try sleeping on the couch so that I'm able to dig my legs into the cushions, again with that same feeling of constriction. Hope this helps!

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As a RLS sufferer for years with lots of ya'll- This suggestion is something that I have done exactly, and thought it was great someone posted it--I just wanted to add a bit to it, that should help; I have used adjustable ACE knee bands to wrap around the upper knee for the constriction- And to keep my mental focus OFF what's happening; I will count down from 500 by 3's or I start with a theme, such as animals, and think all the animals possible-but think of them a different color than they are- Like a 'purple horse' for instance, and I would picture it. The mental anticipation can be worse than the RLS [for me anyway], so it helps to try and keep your mind 'BUSY' until you fall asleep☺


I do the same thing.

Eva K

I do the same thing.

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