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I tried almost all of the advice from this site, without luck, spent money on ear wax removal kits, deongestants, etc. Nothing worked to unblock my right ear. Finally, I called an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist, made an appointment, and he vacuumed out the ear wax that was causing the problem. No pain, and instantly my hearing was restored. Here's my advice: get relief fast by going to an ENT doctor. It's worth the money (and you'll save money not spent needlessly on things that don't work). BTW, THE SPECIALIST SAID NEVER TO USE Q-TIPS TO REMOVE EAR WAX BECAUSE THEY TEND TO DRIVE THE WAX FURTHER BACK INTO THE EAR CANAL CAUSING MORE BLOCKAGE!!!

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You are a fucking idiot EAR WAX has nothing to do with internal ear blocking.

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