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Relived in Ten Minutes

I tried almost all of the advice from this site, without luck, spent money on ear wax removal kits, deongestants, etc. Nothing worked to unblock my right ear. Finally, I called an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist, made an appointment, and he vacuumed out the ear wax that was causing the problem. No pain, and instantly my hearing was restored. Here's my advice: get relief fast by going to an ENT doctor. It's worth the money (and you'll save money not spent needlessly on things that don't work). BTW, THE SPECIALIST SAID NEVER TO USE Q-TIPS TO REMOVE EAR WAX BECAUSE THEY TEND TO DRIVE THE WAX FURTHER BACK INTO THE EAR CANAL CAUSING MORE BLOCKAGE!!!

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Ear Block

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this is only a good suggestion if you have HEALTH INSURANCE which many Americans don't.


Never use q-tips so you always have to see a specialist!


Well if I would of known that earlier I wouldnt of used Qtips! Friggen great!!


Big Problem not all problems are caused by ear ENT won't do anything and just says it will clear up on its own! I have had an MRI that has shown the conjestion in my ear to be HORRIBLE...and he has done nothing! I'm trying to get a new ENT just a warning to people don't settle! This person had a great ENT!


funny how everyone here says dont use qtips... yet you all have nasty gobs of ear wax jamming up your ear drums. You are digusting.

I q-tip everyday. removed water from the shower, keeps my ears clean. no deaf issues. No nasty smelly globs of disgust in my ears.

Now most on here have the issue of the mid ear and the equalization of pressure, not some dirty, non clean gob of junk jamming our ears up.


Most of us aren't here because we have a bunch of earwax in our ears. We are hear because our eustachian tube is clogged with mucus/congestion. I'm glad your earwax problem was solved by your ENT, but it doesn't help those of us who don't have an earwax problem.

Me above...

Oops... I typed 'aren't hear'... should have been 'aren't HERE'... you can tell I have hearing on my mind.

Me again

Man!!! How many typos can one person have??? The 'aren't here' was fine the first time... I was meaning to correct the 'are hear' to 'are here'.
What is my issue today?? I've been sick for too long. Gahhh!


I was prescribed Clariton D by a doctor a couple years ago when i suffered from clogged ears and it worked great. I hope you all find the remedy suitable for you. My doctor also told me the use of bluetooths are a lot of the cause of ears compacted with ear wax just fyi..also never use peroxide to clean your ears. She said she has seen burned ear drums from this. If your ears are compacted with wax, use sweet oil which is sold behind the pharmacy counter, put a few drops on a cotton ball, put in your ear before bedtime and wash as normal in the morning. Do this for a week or two and you will see a difference..

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