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Okay, so used to have really bad nasal congestion. Ever since my childhood i could only remember being able to breath through one nostril, the other completely blocked, or both were completely blocked. So it got really bad when i was around 11 and i consulted a nose specialist. He said i had minor adenoids and that an operation was really unnecessary. so that was when i got hooked on nasal sprays and such which really only made it much worse because of rebound congestion.
NOW, for the solution:
Someone told my mum about this so i tried it.
You need:
1. A cup of warm water (not a level or two below burning, so you can inhale it)
2. Salt
3. Any ordinary eating spoon
4. A glass
1. Add a few pinches of salt to the warm water (you can adjust later on)
2. Stir with a spoon until it's dissolved
3. Put the spoon in the water and raise it up to one of your nostrils(close the other nostril). You will now breathe in the water, so just make sure it isn't too hot. The water should come out of your mouth and you spit it out. (i do this over a sink) If it tastes too salty, just empty the glass and refill and add less salt.
4. Repeat this step until the glass is about half full. You'll a lot of mucus and phlegm comes out, that's fine just keep blowing and what not in the middle of this exercise.
5. Repeat the exercise with the other nostril now until the glass is empty.
And you're done.
Do this once in the morning after you wake up and once in the night before sleep. You'll get immediate long lasting relief. I do it for 2-5weeks and then i have a cleared nose for at least 2+ years, however it is good to make a habit of this exercise for a completely cleared nose. I'm now doing this exercise for the 2nd time in my life after 3 years and it's working great.
I am 15 from Australia, Victoria.
I really hoped that i made myself as clear as possible because this exercise is just so effective, and i understand how frustrating nasal congestion can be because it can turn a good day into a disaster.
Thank you :)

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Kim D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My husband has been suffering for months with nasal congestion. Doctors kept telling him it was allergies but no allergy medicine worked. We tried this and he has finally found relief. This probably saved his job since now he can sleep at night and get up on time for work. Thank you again


I'm soo miserable, I'm about to try this. Wish me luck!!!


Worked perfectly! I feel like a brand new person! Thanks!!


Oh child, bless you!!!! I have not been able to breath through my nose in over a year. I would blow my nose but nothing would come out, by the time I was done with this I had used up every tissue in the house. It took about 40 minutes but I can breath through both nostrils!!! I am sure I will have to do it for a few more days but so worth it.
A tip
when i started one side was completely blocked so i couldn't breath the water in. After clearing the other side i laid on my good side and let gravity drain it. Within three minutes the other side had opened enough to breath the water in .


Yes this does work! I only tryd it once today an its made me feel a lot better I CAN BREATH AGAIN:) Thank you

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