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I have terrible tooth problems as a side effect of diabetes, and have tried a few things to ease the pain. Nothing seems to work every time, but I go through these until something works :)

Bite an aspirin on the aching tooth. I just use the cheap, uncoated aspirin which will quickly dissolve into and around the tooth. It sometimes makes the pain bearable.

Clove oil works well most of the time. Apply small amount with cotton swab, will partially numb the tooth.

Vigorous swishing with warm salt water-instantly relieves pain to a degree, and works well over the long haul to drain absesses and cure tooth infection. This works well when you feel a toothache coming on and want to avoid the throbbing misery. Also try just holding the salt water bath in the mouth as long as you can stand it.

Listerine - hold in the mouth as long as you can stand it- it will relieve bad aches by numbing and sensory overload.

Ice water - sounds like it would make it hurt worse but it will sometimes ease the pain by sensory overload and won't hurt to swallow. Hold in the mouth as long as you can stand it or until it's not cold, then take another sip. Your gonna be up all night anyway :)

The one that seems to work most often, especially on those electric shock type aches that make men cry, Apple Jack brandy (actually any cheap hard liquor will do, but the smooth scotch types just don't have enough burn). Just hold a mouthful until your mouth is aflame and you are sweating bullets, then either spit it out or (in case your really miserable and need some sleep) swallow it down.

Hope you feel better :)

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i tried this and it is amazing.
it works fast.


Sea Salt is actually better for your tooth than regular table salt.


yeah right i just bit down on an aspirn and it just made it 20X worse thanks alot now im in even more pain

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