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I don't know if this really works but I had an uncle tell me that when he was a child his brother was bitten by a rattlesnake and his mother grabbed a live chicken, split it open and quickly pressed it to the bite. It supposedly drew the poison out.

If I were bitten by a deadly snake and a chicken were available, I'd sure give it a shot before I would lay down and die- I'd be interested to know if anyone else has heard of this snake bite remedy.

I can imagine (if the story is true) that in some parts of the world where snakes are deadlier and chickens are still handy this might save somebody's life.

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I saw this procedure done today while watching Gunsmoke. Festus took a chicken and placed it againt Doc Adams leg after bieng biten by a rattler. Doc survived so it got me curious.


My mom just told me her brother, age 16, in Oklahoma in the 1940's was bitten by a rattler. His father lanced the bite, and asap sliced open a chicken and put the chicken on the bite. He was very ill and the fear was he would die. He lived. This old remedy - what in the chicken draws out the poison?...if that is what happend?


I had a guy tell the same thing about a little girl who had a rattle snake bite. Use a chicken in the same fashion! Hour or so later she was out playing again!


My grandmother said that when she was a child (around 1900), she saw a man do this (cut open a live chicken, and put it against the bite), said it turned the chicken meat green and that the man was saved. She was not one to make up tales, and she witnessed this first hand.


When my grandmother was young in the early 1900's, she was bitten by a copperhead and her dad cut open a chicken and put it on the bite and she said it turned the meat green. Then in the 1930's, she did the same to her 9 year old daughter and saved her life.


I got bit by a diamondback once and my grandpa slathered the area of the bite with miracle whip. It felt better almost instantly.


Back in the '30s my dad was about 1w and was bitten by a copperhead. Grandma used the chicken method on the bite. Dad lived to be 80


He was 12 yo. Not 1w.

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