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I know it sounds gross but it works for me every time! What I do is take a lot of sips of Pickle Juice. At least 10 sips. The stomach ache goes away instantly! Hope it works for you guys :)thanks

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This is my preferred remedy as well. Pickle Juice is no different than some here have said, half water, and half vinegar; It just tastes better in my opinion. It is also more available because not every household keeps vinegar in the cabinet. Just my thoughts.


Yep it totally does work... i would always just eat a pickle tho and make sure i get all the juice off of it, but i do sometimes drink a little of the juice too. I love pickle juice tho i have some days were All i want to eat is pickles :-p

dr. lewis

pepermint tea


I must admit, when i first read this i laughed and thought yeah..ok. But as my night has wore on lol i thought OMG..i am willing to try the pickle juice cure! I swear not even 40seconds after i drank it, i felt 100% better! THANK YOU so much to the person that put this idea up here!! YOUR A LIFE SAVER..or tummy saver :) all the best! Tiffany.


a lot of people dont realize that vinegar is a neutralizer. Thanks!!! Karen


Usually home remedies don't work for me. But at the point and time i was willing to try ANYTHING. I poured some pickle juice into a cup and sipped on it for a good 4 minutes. I didn't even need the amount i poured because my stomach stopped hurting midway through

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