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Hi Everyone, Im new here! I have had Herpes since I was 15 yrs old. I was raped by some stupid jerk that had it and I have had it ever since :( I order Dynamiclear the combo kit the other day and was wondering if any of you have used it and If it works or not? I normally do eptison salt bath and put rubbing acholol on it to dry it up. I did try the peroxide Douche yesterday and man that SHIT BURNED like a SOB!!! I finally had to take a bath to stop the burning. When im in the bath I pour the epison salt right on the spot to dry it up...WARNING THIS WILL HURT SO MUCH AND YOU WILL SCREAM BUT IT DOES HELP! I also started taking vitamin C twice a day and started taking L-Lysine 1000mg 4x a day the first two days and then down to 1000mg 2x a day while Im having a outbreak, I will let you know if this helps any. It seems to be healing alot faster then normal witch makes me very happy! I usually get an OB every 2-4 months....
look forward to hearing from you all...

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HI Laurie, I had my first outbreak three years ago, for almost two years was a constant outbreak. Mellisa oil in body loition, grapefruit seed extract, astragulas(i'm sure this is spelled wrong),low amount of stress, and yoga, all of these help keep the immunity system up. Put teatree oil and lavendar oil on your outbreaks this will help the healing process. This has worked for me, I hope you find what works for you.


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