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Rob G

Okay,you all are going to laugh at this one, but I swear it worked. I had a bad toothache earlier due to a combination of a wisdom tooth that had been cracked due to pressure and formed a non-cavity hole in it, and an infected gum. Hurt like holy hell, and I've tried everything. Oragel (Benzo 20%), salt water rinse, peroxide rinse, vodka rinse, Tylenol dissolved directly on it....they each had varying degrees of effectiveness, mostly not worth a damn.

So I was sitting here an hour ago, reading these remedies in pain and trying to work on a website for a client, when I decided to listen to some music. Being a bit of a metalhead, I pulled up some Static-X (the song Dirthouse, precisely) and started listening to it as a slightly loud level. Suddenly my toothache started subsiding! Again I swear this worked. I tried different music, from Jazz to Classical, but Rock seems to be the ticket. I imagine it has something to do with the way the music causes the inner ear bones to vibrate and move. I'm not entirely sure how,but if I remember right from Anatomy class, the ears and jaw are connected, hence why you can pop your ears by chewing gum, etc. Try it next time...maybe its the other combination of remedies finally kicking in, maybe not. All I know is, as soon as the music started, the pain stopped.

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I'm 51, female, hate Static X but love Disturbed so I thought 'what the hell'. Went from 'The Game' (noticable relief) to some Led Zepp 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' and WOW! almost completly pain free by the end of the song. Not sure if it was Page's guitar or Plant's vocals but it definately did the trick. Picked your remedy out of the bunch mainly because I had an earache too. Hey people don't overlook this one just because it's sounds kinda stupid. Really worked for me. Thanks so much. Oh yeah...used a pretty high volume setting on my Ipod.


I am willing to try anything so when I read this while sitting at the computer I threw the headphones on and cranked some Guns N Roses. The pain is starting to ease off, Thanks.


oh.. my.. god.. My wisdom tooth is ready to be removed and I was reading this stuff and looking for the easiest thing to try to ease the pain. I swear seconds after I put on some Metallica (Blackened) my toothache started to subside. I just popped some ibuprofen just in case, but man, it is so crazy how this is working! Thanks for the idea!!


static x sucks


this is obviously the lead singer from static x trying to get a last few listens to his lame ass band


If this so is wayne static trying to get some last listens to his band all I can say is 'well hello there u sexy beast' lmao.... OOOOOHhhh my toof is killing me, I'm so ready to bust out the pliers and perform some home self tooth extraction while listening to sum slayer...


loove static x i got to meet them once but anyways..i tried listening to some music and surprisingly it actually worked thank you soo much


Sitting here with a killer tooth ache,said what the hell lets try this.put up on you tube.Well anyway the pain is still here.NOT GOOD..ouch...


I have to say I didn't think it would work but I was so desperate the other night I had to give it a try!! I turned on some Skillet - Hero and within literally secs my tooth ache was gone!!! Thanks for the post!! You are my hero!!!


You are all dumbasses...

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