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I know everyone has tried countless times to help head conjestion. Ive actually took the old Boiling heat Bowl remedy into to play with my shower. If you have a big shower it might take a lil longer. But what I do is let my hot water shower run and steam up the bathroom... then stand or sit either or... i try to stand if im feeling a lil better and breathe only through your nose. It will break up any mucus stuck in your sinus glands than poof... you got a runny nose to blow and a chest full of mucus to hack up... then follow with Hot tea, honey, and alchohol if you are old enough. I have old english tea with Lyles honey... its hard to get. And i try to mix maybe a half of a shot to a shot and half depending on your alchohol preference.... then you feel a lil better. Ill add more if i can find out what else i can put in the shower to steam up the room with something more effective...

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How long are you suppose to sit in the bathroom

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