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Was awakend by my 6yr old son crying at 12am. He had sore ear. Gave him some paracetomal suspension sent him back to bed. 2.30 heard him sobbing in his bed . Lokked on here found the lemon juice remedy.I new we had lemons down stairs put a few drops in waited 3 mins then emptied the ear. he went to bed said it still hurt a bit. thought it was not going to work. 20 mins later checked on him no crying sleeping woke him asked if it still hurt he said no its better dad. Thank you very much. From Scotland

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Okay sorry to bring you down but i tryed it and it does not work....i put a few drops in my ear and left it in for 3 min and i still have a throbbing ear...

Mom 2 Six

I too was awakened by my son's cries at around 1AM. He is 9 y/o and was in a lot of pain. I remember that pain from my childhood! Though I try to avoid use of pharmaceuticals, I gave him 2/3 of a Tylenol PM tablet while I searched the web for a topical pain relief. I didn't expect to find a 'magical' pain reliever, so I was really hoping the pill would make him drowsy enough to fall asleep despite the pain.

Well, I'm a big fan of vinegar, and use it for many things including cleaning my kitchen counters and carpet. I saw that worked for many people, and also lemon juice. We started with vinegar which made the ear hurt worse. I figured it would at first. We left it in maybe 3 mins, then let it run out. After 15+ mins there was no improvement so I decided to try lemon juice mixed with a little warm water. He didn't like it being in his ear, but I don't think it hurt. After about 3 mins we let it run out. About 10 mins later I asked him if he was okay and realized he was knocked out.

After about an hour he began stirring and told me his ear was hurting a little bit, so we did lemon water (cool now) again. The pain is not completely gone, but I'm relieved that he's not crying and grabbing his ear any more. Hopefully back to sleep soon!

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