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Toe Fetish

EASY. Effective. Cheap: About two years ago I developed toenail fungus most noticably on my right big toenail. It started as a white striation down the middle with thickening of the nail. My toenail developed white flaky debris from the striation and eventually the cuticle. After that, my little toebegan to discolor. Lo and behold each toe eventually had some degree of fungal infection on both feet. BAD spa chair pedicure!

My easy remedy:
1.) Dip a cotton swab in undiluted household bleach. Paint toenails of one foot with it, including around the cuticle and nail tip. Dip other end of swab in bleach and repeat for your other foot. Allow to air dry.

2.) Apply undiluted tea tree oil in the same way as above.

Frequency: once in the morning and once at night.

Three weeks later, my fungus appears gone on all nine toes, and my big badly infected toe seems nearly cleared.

1.) Keep toenails short.
2.) If you file, use a new disposable variety and discard after use. Don't reuse from trim to trim.
3.) Wipe nail cutter with bleach after trimming each nail.
4.) Go barefoot whenever possible.
5.) Wear clean socks daily.
6.) Dry toes with hairdryer after baths and showers.
7.) Slough callouses and dead skin from feet daily during shower or bath when feet are softened. Sterilize utensil after use, allow it to dry and don't leave it in moist areas.
8.) Clean shower, tub, linens frequently.
9.) Spray shoes with antifungal between wears. Allow them to dry out by alternating them with another pair.

Remember: Bleach, dry, Tea Tree. If bathing or showering try bleach, dry, shower, dry, tea tree.

Don't double dip those cotton swabs that have touched infected toes into the tea tree!

Best wishes for proud pink toenails going forward. Let me know your feedback and if little piggy feels sexy going to the market!

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sounds great! I'll give it a go...where can I find tea tree oil?


I got Tea Tree Oil at Trader Joe's


How long did it take before you started seeing results? And how long did the entire process take?

Geneva S

You can get Tea Tree Oil at any drug store, and some grocery stores. Health food stores have lots of different choices.

I used TTO alone, twice a day, and it seemed to kill the fungus right away, but it took about a month for it to grow out and the new nail to come in. You could see the progress as the think part moved out and the thin nail came in.

It's important to keep doing it, because it will re-infect until all the old, thick stuff had grown out and gone.


I used a a drop of Clorox Clean Up on each toe for about 2 weeks, twice a day,along with your other suggestions and the toe fungus was gone. This worked after 3 years of trying dozens of other remedy suggestions which failed to knock it out.

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