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Phillis M.

I've had success with the herbs 5-HTP, L-Theanine, and GABA (oh and also Vitamin B-12) for my anxiety & panic problems. I think I was born with the disorder since my family has a history of it. Last year my best friend told me about a natural supplement she takes called Panicyl that has all of these herbs and vitamins and a few others for anxiety. Thats what I now take and love it. Has anyone else tried this supplement?

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Where do you get Panicyl?


This post is obviously an advertisement from the company.


Thank you, unhelpful posters! Sometimes negative posts are helpful. Not in this case!


Why is it when someone mentions a drug it is ok, or individual natural products, but if a natural product combo is mentioned by name, someone posts that it is obviously and advertisement? What an odd mindset.

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