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drink some dill pickle juice i swear it works

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Paul Mark

Ok, I'm going to the fridge to try the pickle juice remedy. I will post after a half an hour.


Thank you! It's late at night and just before Christmas. Last thing I wanted to do was go to the store for some meds. Pickle juice worked like a charm! Yay! Now I can go to sleep without sitting up!


As lots of other people said...its the middle of the night and it feels like a heart attck. So I drank some pickle juice and feel significantly better. However, I waited too long and the acid has burnt my throat :( but no more shooting pain in my chest.

Bob of Vegas

Was miserable most of the day (well over 12 hours). In fact, the acid was so strong, I personally induced vomiting to see if I could obtain some relief, since anti-acids were not working. That did not work, so like many of the others whose comments appear here, I found this site out of desperation. Tried the juice (not knowing whether or not the kosher variety made any difference, since it was all that was on hand at the moment). It did not make any difference, as: I belched after only a few minutes, began poo pooing from the other end, and then I had to do do. Talk about one happy person, I do not believe I would have felt better if I had hit a jackpot on one of the gambling machines here in Las Vegas. Come to think of it, I would not have even been able to play, the way I felt: bloated, in agony, just outright miserable. Out of curiosity, I later experimented with vinegar. It offers some relief, but it burns going down. No, this dill pickle juice is the ticket fast relief; no ins, ifs, or buts about it. I give it a resounding 10 out of 10.


Thank you soo much, visiting my in laws and didn't want to wake them for antacids so looked this up found the jar of pickles and taadaaa! I can get some sleep again! Thank you again!

Elaine C.

Had I known how the rating thing worked, I would have selected 10! The default is 5 and I hadn't realized I was supposed to select a number. THANK YOU very much. I was really suffering there for weeks with that awful affliction. I will pass along the GOOD NEWS too!!


All I Can Say Is Thank U Jesus!!! Thank U!!


This did not work for me. Im super disappointed :(

Acid Reflyx girl

My bad guys the pickle juice did work! It took about 15 to 20 mins but thid shit is this bombbbbbb! Lol



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